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Life Goes On: Done to Death bringing corpses, platforming and puzzles to PS4

Life Goes On: Done to Death, developer Infinite Monkeys' platformer that uses dead bodies to solve puzzles, is headed to PlayStation 4 "later this year," producer David Holmes announced on the PlayStation Blog.

"The gameplay of Life Goes On follows from a simple idea: what if dying didn't mean game over?" Holmes wrote. "Instead, each time your heroic knight dies, a new knight is summoned to continue on, leaving a dead body behind. By summoning knight after knight, you make progress through a level by pressing buttons, springing traps, and manipulating dead bodies to serve as tools for the next hero."

When it arrives on the PS4, it may include some features specific to that platform, including custom rumble effects for each death and, of course, "playing the knight's death cries through the speaker."

Life Goes On is available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam for $12.99. You can see its PS4 trailer below.

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