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Saitek makes Farming Simulator the next Steel Battalion with $299 dedicated controller

If your farming simulation experience just isn't real enough, then peripheral maker Saitek has some good news for you — dedicated farming simulator hardware. Designed exclusively for use with last year's Farming Simulator 15 and announced last December, the upcoming accessory includes a steering wheel (with turn knob), dedicated foot pedals, and in a move born of true dedication to the farming simulator experience, a vehicle side panel with a loader stick and more than 20 programmable buttons.

farming battalion

Currently the farming simulator hardware is compatible with PC/Mac versions of Farming Simulator 15 only. Mad Catz's site lists the hardware in three configurations on their website, with a wheel and pedals option for $149.99, a package including just the side panel for $149.99, and the whole tractor operating experience for $299.99.

Saitek's gambit to make Farming Simulator 15 the Steel Battalion of agriculture-oriented gaming experiences will make its debut at next week's E3 conference in Los Angeles. Saitek expects the hardware to ship solo in North America and as part of a Farming Simulator Gold 15 bundle in Europe this Fall.

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