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The Deadly Tower of Monsters turns every Sci-Fi B-movie into an adventure game

The Deadly Tower of Monsters, due out on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC this fall, is a B-movie extravaganza turned video game.

In it, players take on the role of a terrible actor fighting his way through nuclear ants, lizard men, giant gorillas, damn dirty apes and pterodactyl. The single-player, isometric adventure game ups the B-movie charm by occasionally letting players catch a glimpse of the terrible special effects — two ropes holding a rocket, a giant stick moving the giant gorilla's hand — as they work there way up the deadly tower.

The game, published by Atlus and playable at E3, stars Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova and The Robot, according to the press release dated 1972.

Marooned on the planet Gravoria, the trio need to make it to the top of the tower to escape. But the tower is filled with all sorts of monsters and UFO. Players can take on the role any of the three characters as they fight there way to the top. The game also includes director commentary.