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Opening to Full House recreated in perverse shot-for-shot with Grand Theft Auto 5

This shot-for-shot recreation of the opening credits for Full House made entirely in Grand Theft Auto 5 is amazing in so many ways.

There's the fact that the team who put it together managed to capture the basic look of that well-known intro despite the lack of appropriate props or even, in some cases, characters.

Actually, that's what REALLY sends this video remake over the top. Don't have a set of adorable baby Olsens to use for your remake? No problem, just use Chester the Molester. Turns out he's pretty spot on for the role, in a creepy GTA way. Even better? Trevor Phillips as Bob Saget. The more you watch the remake, the more you realize how perfect it is.

Just as awesome are all of the liberties the team took with those scenes. Somehow they still manage to capture the golden glow of a classic TV show while filthing it up with guns, drugs and tons of inappropriate innuendo.

You can watch the full opening play next to the original in the YouTube Doubler below. (Make sure you click the left one first and let the short ad play first.) And if Full House really floats your boat, definitely check out the news about its return.

YouTube Doubler

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