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Jurassic World on track for over $500 million opening weekend, smashing box office records

Jurassic World was already on track to have a massive opening weekend, but the estimated performance has smashed through a variety of records.

The film is on track to have earned over $500 million to date, worldwide.

"As of Sunday morning, Universal Pictures has reported an estimated opening weekend of $204.6 million in 4,274 theaters, which would make it the second-biggest opening for a domestic release, besting the recent $191.3 million opening of Avengers: Age of Ultron," ComingSoon reported.

"Not only did Jurassic World receive the widest release for a Universal Pictures film, it also achieved the studio’s biggest opening weekend, besting the recent benchmark set by Furious 7 just two months ago. Its per-theater average of $47,870 (based on estimates) is also the biggest per-theater average for a wide release, passing the previous record set by Marvel’s The Avengers in 2012."

It's hard to wrap your head around these numbers, but it looks like Star Wars may no longer be a shoe-in for the biggest film of the year.

"Also stunning is the $307.2M the film made overseas for a cumulative $511.8M worldwide opening, which is the highest global bow in history, and not by some slim margin," Box Office Mojo stated. "It is the first time a film has ever grossed more than $500 million in one weekend."

A few interesting notes: The film is proving to be incredibly popular in 3D, which helps to boost revenue. The demographic split is also just about even, which only slightly more men seeing the film than women. Once again these numbers prove that appealing to both genders, and launching big internationally, is the secret to the mega-hits this year.

This is a great excuse to read our review of the film.

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