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Nintendo's cruel, perverse remix of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 is mandatory E3 viewing

While E3 might not officially kick off for another two days, things have already started popping off here in Los Angeles, with both Bethesda's first ever E3 press conference and the freshly revived Nintendo World Championship rounding out Sunday night's festivities. While Bethesda's event was actually something of a known quantity, Nintendo's was much more mysterious, resulting in a few major reveals — namely, two new game announcements in Earthbound Beginnings and Blast Ball, and a final round of competition featuring the newly retitled Super Mario Maker.

Starting at the 3:34:00 mark above, watch nearly 40 minutes of Super Mario Maker gameplay from tonight's event, beginning with a remake of the iconic World 1-1 stage from the original Super Mario Bros. that quickly derails into a masocore rollercoaster of deception and misdirection, featuring question mark blocks full of enemies, huge stacks of Bowsers, Thwomps bouncing on jump blocks, and enormous rooms full of springboards. It's like an expertly built ROM hack built by Nintendo themselves, with things a ROM hack could only dream of doing.

Nintendo World Championship: Finals, John Numbers run 1

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