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Project Morpheus to cost 'several hundred dollars,' according to Sony

Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality hardware will likely be a large part of the company's press event at E3 and Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has stated that software was the trick to getting people to invest in the new platform.

"We need to convince PS4 owners to spend several hundred dollars to purchase a Morpheus headset, on top of the PS4 they already have," Yoshida told Wired.

"And more gaming content is what will convince them. We have 30 or more games being developed that we are tracking — not all of them will come out at launch, but there are serious efforts being made on all of them."

The "several hundred dollars" price leaves a lot of wiggle room, but we can be pretty sure the hardware won't be inexpensive.

"Price has not been driving our development process," Yoshida said during a previous interview with Polygon. "The first time people try VR is the most dangerous time. People get used to it after a while, but the first is the most susceptible to motion sickness. So we want to get the hardware right."

You can see the schedule for E3's press conferences if you'd like to follow along, and we'll see if Sony is able to make the argument for early adoption with the games they're announcing this evening.