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Ion, the next game from the creator of DayZ, is coming to Xbox One early access (update)

The creator of DayZ, Dean Hall, appeared on stage today to announce his next project. Named Ion, it will be available first through Xbox's newly announced early access program called Game Preview.

"I wanted a game that wasn't a game," Hall told the audience at Xbox's E3 press conference. "For the past year I have been working with a team ... to make my prototype into a long-term project. We have the technology to create this universe, but you — through Xbox One Game Preview — will govern its destiny."

Ion appears to be set in the distant future where humanity is spread among the stars. The teaser ended with a cryptic image of a not-quite-human form, shrink-wrapped inside a frozen container.

Update: The press release for Ion gives us a bit more detail on what the game will actually be about.

Ion is an emergent narrative massively-multiplayer online game in which players build, live and inevitably die in huge floating galactic constructions, tracing humanity’s first deadly steps towards colonizing the universe. Thanks to technology from Improbable, Ion is a massive interconnected universe with fully simulated real-time environments, including air pressure, heat and cold, power grids and much more, which all must be carefully balanced to keep the unending vacuum of space at bay.

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