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Watch this 6 minute Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain trailer

Hideo Kojima shared the latest trailer for his upcoming opus, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, on Geoff Keighley's YouTube E3 special. The trailer, set to New Order's Elegia, clocks in close to a hefty six minutes ... but did you expect anything less from Kojima?

Keighley introduced the trailer with the following anecdote:

About a month ago I went to Tokyo and had lunch with a good friend of mine, Hideo Kojima. He's been through a lot over the past few months as you've probably read online, regarding his relationship with Konami. But he's been there, working at the Konami office, sequestered away, working on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

When I met with Mr. Kojima, he told me how proud he was of the game that he's finishing up under very difficult circumstances. He's always been a big supporter of me and what he told me at that lunch was that he really wanted to give something to the fans this year at E3.

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been a staple at E3 for so many years. Metal Gear Solid 2 probably over a decade ago and it was one of the most amazing E3 trailers. There was this big screen at the Konami booth and everyone would gather around to watch it.

Well this is, believe it or not, is the final Metal Gear Solid trailer that Mr. Kojima will make for E3 and I'm honored that he asked me to debut it here for you. It's over five minutes long and it gives you a preview of The Phantom Pain that will be coming out in September. Mr. Kojima told me how proud he was of this game and how hard he's working to make it great for the fans, as his final send off to Metal Gear.

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