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NBA Live 16 launching Sept. 29 with Live Motion, new physics-based movement

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NBA Live 16 will be released Sept. 29 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — the same day as 2K Sports' NBA 2K16, developer EA Tiburon announced today during EA's E3 2015 press briefing.

Live Motion, a new feature that has been in development for two years, is intended to eliminate the feeling of being stuck in scripted animations. It combines run-time physics with motion capture to create "thousands of new animations," according to Tiburon's Sean O'Brien.

Other features include "rebuilt passing and catching systems," a revamped shot system and new controls in pick-and-roll situations, according to a press release from EA.

Tiburon is also adding a new face-scanning app with technology called GameFaceHD. A demo, which appeared to be conducted live on stage, took less than 10 seconds to generate an in-game model after a face scan using a smartphone's selfie camera. You can see the demo below. The demo went much better than our awful experiences with the face scanning in NBA 2K15 last fall.