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How long will it take for Shenmue 3 to meet its goal? Place your bets!

So there's basically no question that Shenmue III is going to destroy its fundraising goal. But exactly how fast? Well, that's what we've brought you here to discuss. You see that widget there that tracks the progress? Well, gaze upon it and consider it has come this far since it was announced around 6:50 p.m. PDT.

(We wanted to put a nice round number in there to reflect how high it had already gone, but it was rising faster than we could type, hence the aforementioned widget. )

So when, exactly, will it hit the goal? That's for you to guess. Make a prediction in the comments below, being as specific as possible (let's say to the minute). We don't think we'll have a prize for whoever gets closest, but you never know!

We're guessing it will hit its goal by the time you're reading this, so we'll be wrong for a few hours, but right until the end of linear time. Checkmate!

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