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Destiny veterans get VIP bonuses with Taken King DLC

If you were going to wait to hop into Destiny until the Taken King DLC launches on Sept. 15, here's a good reason not to: Bungie will be doling out exclusive bonuses to players who head into The Taken King at level 30-plus or have purchased both previous expansion packs.

Here are the details: Players who reach level 30-plus on at least one character or buy both prior expansion packs by August 31 and buy The Taken King by Feb. 1, 2016 will receive an exclusive commemorative "Founder's Fortune" Year 1 emblem, Sparrow, armor shader "and more." What's the "and more"? We'd guess that it's "Gjallarhorn 2: Gjallarhorner" if we hadn't just totally made that up.

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