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Destiny is expanding with The Taken King, here's how the game will be shaken up

A new eight-minute video released today by Bungie details what to expect in The Taken King, the upcoming expansion to Destiny. You're promised new loot, puzzles to find and solve, and hopefully a few surprises.

The enemies you'll fight in the upcoming expansion of Destiny burn from within. They'll test you in new ways. They have a sort of jitter, as if they're fighting what's happening to them. It's a disturbing enemy, and the content is designed to give the player a new sense of urgency and desperation.

You'll fight in a castle in the sky to battle Oryx, the father of Crota. There are three more sub-classes, and new powers to unlock in order to fight this new threat. There are new weapons. Expect some heavy changes to the meta game, new strikes and a new raid.

The Taken King will cost $39.99 when it releases on Sept. 15, which is twice as much as Destiny's first two expansions, and physical and digital Collector's Editions will be available for $79.99. You'll also get some VIP content if you've already been playing the game. Both Collector's Editions come with vanilla Destiny and the first two expansions as well as The Taken King, along with exclusive content. Want to know more? Check out our interview about the expansion below.

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