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Don't expect Nintendo's unreleased Star Fox 2 to hit Virtual Console

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

When Shigeru Miyamoto introduced us to Star Fox Zero at Nintendo's pre-E3 event earlier this week, both he and game director Yugo Hayashi mentioned Star Fox 2 as one of the inspirations for the new title. The Walker vehicle from that 16-bit game, which was fully developed for the Super Nintendo but ultimately canceled, is making a return appearance in Star Fox Zero.

Hayashi even said that the developers looked at reference footage from Star Fox 2 to build Zero's version of the walker, an alternate bird-like form of the iconic Arwing.

"At that time, the 3D model was very simple," Miyamoto said. "Now we have a much more complicated model, so it was a lot of work."

Miyamoto joked that even though Star Fox 2 never came out, "I see it sometimes on the internet." A ROM for Star Fox 2 is easily available and playable in SNES emulators.

But don't expect Nintendo to release Star Fox 2 for its own Virtual Console platform, according to comments from Miyamoto.

"In my memory, I enjoyed [Star Fox 2] but I'm not sure I would release it," he said. "I'd rather have people play a new game."