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Xbox boss: 'Microsoft has lost our way with PC gaming' in the past

Phil Spencer, whose "Head of Xbox" title at Microsoft doesn't immediately call PC gaming to mind, took to the stage at tonight's PC Gaming Show at E3. After some ribbing about his role as a console executive, Spencer replied, "There have been times in our past where Microsoft has lost our way with PC gaming." But he called gaming "critical" for the future success of Windows as a platform.

While Spencer wouldn't say that all Xbox games will make their way to the PC — he wants to give developers the choice to select the best platform for their games — he did say that "there are a lot of opportunities for cross-platform" play between the Xbox platform and Windows-based PCs. To that end, he revealed that Killer Instinct would be coming to Windows, and supporting cross-platform play with existing Xbox One players, as would Gears of War Ultimate Edition, though details on cross-platform support weren't forthcoming.

Coupled with the recent news that Microsoft is working with both Oculus and Steam to ensure that Windows supports their respective VR headsets, this is the latest gesture that Microsoft cares about gaming on its platform.

E3 video: Gears of War demo

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