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DICE has a third mystery game that it's not showing at E3

With the excellent-looking Mirror's Edge Catalyst and the long-awaited Star Wars Battlefront on display, DICE is one of the busiest developers at this year's E3. But that's not all the company has in the works.

In an interview with Polygon at E3, DICE general manager Patrick Bach let the news slip: "We have three projects in the works right now."

When questioned about that number, he laughed and asked, "Did I say that?"

There have been some rumors floating around about DICE's Los Angeles studio working on a secret project, possibly Battlefield: Bad Company 3According to EA itself, the next Battlefield game will be released next year, between October and December — more or less a year after the Nov. 17, 2015 release date for Star Wars Battlefront.

The most recent Battlefield game, Battlefield Hardline, was developed by Visceral Games with some support from DICE. So it's conceivable, at least, that whatever DICE is working on in secret could be something new entirely while someone else handles the future of the Battlefield franchise.

We asked Bach if he cared to comment on when fans could expect to hear more about what's next for Battlefield. "No, no," he said, laughing. "Isn't two games enough for you?"