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Project Morpheus isn't just about games, but that's where Sony's focus will begin

Virtual reality technology is most often shown in the context of video games, especially during an event like E3 with such a strong gaming focus, but Sony's Shuhei Yoshida is hoping for much wider adoption of Project Morpheus.

"Experiences doesn't necessarily limit to games," he told Polygon. He mentioned that existing VR equipment also incorporates panoramic video technology that give the viewer a sense of being present for an event that isn't necessarily interactive.

That's the sort of thing that could be attractive to audiences that aren't accustomed to this kind of technology. "It's a very unique new experience, and people who are not interested in games at all are like, 'Wow this is something that I'd like to use,' or to visit beautiful places in the world, or to see some theatrical plays, or something like that," he said. "So the application is much broader than the gaming audience."

This doesn't mean that Morpheus is going to lose the focus on games; Yoshida knows that most owners of the PlayStation 4, which is required for the Project Morpheus, are mostly interested in gaming.

"PS4 users are typically gamers, and gamers want new experiences. So we are targeting PS4 owners. We want amazing gaming experiences to launch with project Morpheus," Yoshida added. "And I also think that having known non-gaming content, like the panorama video, available for Morpheus users as well, because you might be a gamer who wants to buy Morpheus but sometimes you have to convince a family member to agree with you to approve your spend," he said.

"So I believe it's important to have a variety of content, including gaming content for Morpheus," Yoshida said. "But what we are forecasting as first party as far as great gaming contents has always been shown to showcase games." This is why so much of the technical information about the hardware was announced during GDC of this year.

"GDC was tech, and E3 was games," Yoshida said.