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Microsoft reacts to Sony becoming the 'home' of Call of Duty

Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 is the "new home for Call of Duty" E3 this year, and during a video interview we asked Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg to react to the news.

The question was asked in a way that only the McElroys can deliver as well, and we invite you to watch the video to see what we mean.

"We were expecting the announcement, obviously we have a great relationship with Activision, we have more people playing Call of Duty today on our platform than any other," Greenberg said.

"And if you think about it, if you're a shooter fan and want to play Halo and Call of Duty there's only one box to do it on," he told Polygon.

"You want to play Halo and Gears and Call of Duty. We think we'll continue to drive a lot of sales of Call of Duty on our platform, we already have pre-orders happening now for Black Ops 3, and we're going to support the title just like we would any other big third-party title."

While Microsoft may not have the same relationship with Call of Duty it had in the past, there have been bets made on other games, including PC mods coming to Xbox with Fallout 4 and an exclusive bundle with Fallout 3.

Sony's Adam Boyes also told Kotaku that the exclusive Call of Duty content on the PlayStation 4 will last 30 days until it becomes available on other platforms.