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Nintendo's indie Humble Bundle grows with three more games

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The Humble Nindie Bundle, a collection of independently-developed games for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, is now bigger than ever. Nintendo and Humble Bundle have added three games to the offering: Gunman Clive for 3DS, and Runner 2: Future Legend of Alien Rhythm and Sportsball for Wii U.

Bundle buyers who pay (or have previously paid) more than the average price will get access to those three games, as well as the previously announced games. Currently, the average price for the bundle is just above $9.

The addition of Gunman CliveRunner 2: Future Legend of Alien Rhythm and Sportsball brings the total number of games in the Humble Nindie Bundle to 11.

Nintendo launched its first Humble Bundle last week, offering a group of 3DS and Wii U games at pay-what-you-want prices for download from its eShop. It was the first time Humble Bundle offered a deal of its kind for console games, but likely won't be the last, the company said.

Since launching on May 26, more than 60,000 Humble Nindie Bundles have been sold. The promotion comes to an end next week. For more details on the deal and its efforts to raise money for charity, read Polygon's interview with Humble Bundle and Nintendo.

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