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This little guy is going to be included with your retail Oculus Rift

Henry is a hedgehog, and he's also the star of the second short film coming from Oculus Story Studio, a group of filmmakers working in virtual reality for the Oculus Rift. Henry has been created with some serious talent.

"Henry the hedgehog is an original character created for virtual reality by Story Studio’s new consulting production designer Kendal Cronkhite, who designed the look of the Dreamworks Madagascar films, and Bernhard Haux, previously one of Pixar’s top character artists," the official page states.

The film is directed by Ramiro Lopez Dau, who was an animator on Brave, Cars 2, Monsters University and others. You can watch a bit of test footage above, but the short will be created for, and experienced by, individuals in virtual reality.

"Story Studio’s mission is to inspire and educate virtual reality creators and filmmakers everywhere," the page explains. "As part of this mission, all Rift owners will be able to experience Henry for free when the Rift ships in Q1 2016." That's a nice little bonus for early adopters.

Hello, Henry.

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