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Batman: Arkham Knight dumps a 3.5 GB day-one patch on PS4 players

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

If you're looking forward to cozying up to Batman: Arkham Knight first thing on its launch day, June 23, you may want to build in some time for a big 3.5 GB download of its day-one patch if you have a PlayStation 4.

Reddit's PS4 group grabbed a screenshot showing the beefy size of the file — for PlayStation 4. Patch notes say it adds the "Rival Points" feature, plus the original Batman skin, support for future DLC, and the ever-present Improved Performance and Stability Fixes.

No word if the Xbox One or PC versions will face the same size download, but day one patches are with us for good, particularly for big releases, like it or not.

The game isn't out until Tuesday, but reviews began publishing yesterday. Polygon handed Batman: Arkham Knight a perfect 10, saying developer Rocksteady's comprehensive approach to what should be the Arkham series' swan song is "the best game of this console generation." Hear more about it in our Quality Control podcast.

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