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This virtual reality first-person puzzle game will break your brain

There was a vast array of virtual reality games to experience at E3 this year, but of the dozen or so I tried, I only found one confounding.

SuperHyperCube, by Kokoromi, started life as a grey game built for 3D tech, but once virtual reality started to become more plausible for game development, it made the leap to full color and the PlayStation 4's Project Morpheus.

To start, the game is pretty simple. You have a set of blocks arranged in a shape and you have to move rotate, flip and turn them to fit into an approaching hole. Because the game is in virtual reality, there's also a good chance you're going to have to lean over to peek around the blocks and check out that hole. But no biggie.

Each time you succeed, a brick is added to your shape.

After a few shapes passed harmlessly through matching holes, the addition of bricks started to turn what felt like a 2D puzzle, into a 3D puzzle. I had to think in 3D, spatially, to figure out how to get the shape to match the hole. It might sound easy, but I quickly found myself struggle to figure out how to get the collection of blocks through a hole. If you match it wrong, all of the blocks that don't fit are scraped off.

It's the closest thing I've seen to a pick-up-and-play virtual reality game. A game that feels designed for short bursts of gaming, rather than fully immersive experiences. I'm not sure if a game that requires a headset is a good match for short play, but it was great to see someone messing with puzzles in virtual reality and trying to get people to not just play differently, but think differently.

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