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Batman: Arkham Knight on PC is a train wreck at launch

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight isn't doing the game any favors, developer Rocksteady Studios confirmed today, following numerous reports from players of poor performance and frame rate issues.

The frame rate is set to a locked 30 frames per second, although you can adjust that if you're willing to dig into the .ini files. The game is crashing for some players and stuttering for others; performance as a whole seems to be all over the board, no matter the power of your system.

Complaints about the game's performance have been flooding social media and the game's forums, and a few have made it to our tips line. Only 31 percent of the customer reviews on Steam are listed as "positive."

One user wrote this on Batman: Arkham Knight's Steam page:

*sigh* where to start. It's 2015 and a game of this caliber is being locked at 30fps? While the option is editable. You have to go into the config to do it instead of the main menu. But that doesn't matter. The game is terribly optimized. whether it's 30 or 60fps. You'll get major framerate drops. A single GTX 970 isn't even enough to keep it at a stable 30fps. Which is complete ludicrous. Warner Brothers should be ashamed of releasing a game like this.

AMD has already released new optimized drivers for the game, and Steam "strongly recommends" you upgrade into that version of the software.

Rocksteady is aware of the issues and is working to fix them, according to the following message posted by a community manager on the game's official forums:

We're aware that some users are reporting performance issues with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. This is something that Rocksteady takes very seriously. We are working closely with our external PC development partner to make sure these issues get resolved as quickly as possible.

We'll update this thread when we've got more info to share.

That makes it sound like the PC version of the game was outsourced to a third-party developer, although neither Rocksteady nor publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has specified the studio that handled the PC port. We've reached out to Warner Bros. for comment, and will update this article with any information we receive.

In the meantime, you can watch an Arkham Knight trailer below and read our review.

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