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Get one of 1,000 special edition vinyl Minecraft albums before they're sold out (update)

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The composer behind the haunting music found inside Minecraft, Daniel "C418" Rosenfeld, is releasing the official game soundtrack for the first time on vinyl.

Minecraft Volume Alpha, previously only available in pieces as random loot drops in-game, through Rosenfeld's website and on iTunes, is available on vinyl for pre-order now.

The album comes in three flavors. First, there's your run-of-the-mill black record inside a dust jacket. For another dollar you can order the album in green. For $28.00, however, you can order one of 1,000 limited-edition albums in "transparent green vinyl inserted into a 3D lenticular outer jacket."

All three editions, available from The Ghostly Store, will also include an MP3 download of the full album. You can listen to a sample below.

There's one catch: We have no idea what the collectors edition will actually look like. Ghostly told Polygon that albums are in production right now, and won't be back from the manufacturer until at least July.

Rosenfeld's second Minecraft album, Minecraft Volume Beta is still only available at his site or on iTunes. No word yet on if it will be available on vinyl any time soon.

Update: Ghostly just sent over the first pictures of the lenticular jacket and the transparent green vinyl record.


While the green album with the jacket is currently sold out, you can still order the album in black with the jacket, or the album in green without the jacket.


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