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See Overwatch's transforming robot Bastion in action

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Blizzard continues its rollout of raw gameplay from upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch today with a look at Bastion, the robotic soldier who can transform into a tank.

In the seven-minute video above, you'll see Bastion's skills in action. The robot can reconfigure himself to be both a walking, humanoid combatant and a stationary turret, trading mobility for superior firepower. Bastion can also heal itself with a self-repair skill and, at times, transform into a tank-like mobile sentry and fire powerful cannonballs.

Over the past few weeks, Blizzard has released a series of gameplay videos highlighting Overwatch's team of heroes, including Pharah, ReinhardtTjorbörnReaperHanzo, Tracer, Zenyatta, McCree and Mercy. Blizzard has officially revealed 14 of the heroes coming to the team-based shooter.

Overwatch is coming to Mac and Windows PC, with a beta planned for later this year.