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U.S. military developing Star Wars-like hoverbikes for future army

Military speeder-bikes are one step closer to a reality now that the U.S. Department of Defense has cut a deal with hoverbike tech firm Malloy Aeronautics.

Malloy and SURVICE Engineering announced that they teamed up to develop the technology for the Department of Defense as part of an ongoing research and development contract with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. The planned result will hopefully be a new class of Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle.

The work will be done at a new facility in Maryland.

"Establishing an office in Maryland was a clear business decision," Chris Malloy, managing director of Malloy Aeronautics, said in a prepared statement. "The proximity to the Army Research Laboratory and U.S. defense decision makers, access to the world-class facilities through the laboratory's Open Campus initiative, and the co-location with our strategic business partner, SURVICE Engineering, were all factors in favor of Maryland as the best choice for Malloy Aeronautics."

No word yet on when or if the military will be developing light wearable armor and helmets to go with the TRV.

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