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Batman: Arkham Knight's online leaderboards not working on PS4

Batman: Arkham Knight's issues aren't confined to the disastrous Windows PC port, it seems: Owners of the PlayStation 4 version are reporting that the game can't connect to the servers for the global leaderboards.

Multiple threads on the Batman: Arkham Knight forums — as well as on outside sites such as the official PlayStation forums, the GameFAQs forums and Reddit — are full of PS4 players whose leaderboards won't display properly. While the servers were working on Tuesday, the day Arkham Knight launched, they appear to have been down since sometime Tuesday night. Instead, the game currently displays the following error message:

A connection to PlayStation™Network cannot be established. Gameplay will continue without Leaderboard access until a connection is made.

You can see the same message in the screenshot above, which we captured ourselves; multiple members of Polygon's staff are playing Arkham Knight on PS4, and the leaderboards aren't working for any of them. However, there are no reports of leaderboard connection issues on PC or Xbox One.

Arkham Knight's leaderboards let players compete with their friends to achieve high scores in various challenges throughout the story mode. The scores feed into a metagame called "Gotham's Greatest." It's possible that PS4 players are losing progress — since the game can't connect to the leaderboards, it's unclear if scores are being saved right now.

Rocksteady Studios, the developer of Arkham Knight, has yet to provide a response regarding this issue. We've reached out to Arkham Knight publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for comment, and will update this article with any information we receive. In the meantime, you can check out our Arkham Knight review, and watch the Overview video below.

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