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Super Mario Maker will come with 100 pre-built levels on the disc

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Nintendo's platform construction kit, Super Mario Maker for Wii U, comes with a robust level editor and the option to download and play levels created by members of the community. But if you don't fancy building your own Mario levels, the game will include 100 pre-made courses on the disc, according to the game's official U.K. website.

That's far more than the original Super Mario Bros. for NES, which packed in 32 levels, and on par with more recent side-scrolling Mario games, like New Super Mario Bros. U.

When we played Super Mario Maker at E3 2015 last week, Nintendo had a variety of levels available to play, many of which were not created by professional level designers, but by artists, programmers and members of Nintendo's Treehouse localization team.

For advice on how to make a good Super Mario level, read Polygon's interview with longtime series producer Takashi Tezuka. You can see a fun example of a Super Mario Maker level in the video below.

Super Mario Maker will be available for Wii U on Sept. 11.