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New Shenmue 3 stretch goals detailed, Yu Suzuki to discuss further on Twitch

Yu Suzuki will take to Twitch tonight to detail the stretch goals for Shenmue 3 and address the questions and comments about the game.

Yesterday, the Shenmue 3 team updated supporters with some details about the stretch goals for the game, which have been grouped by the game's different areas.

"Yu-san felt that he should focus on making each area as fully immersive as possible before moving on to the next new one, so the area portions of the Stretch Goals have been grouped together," according to the update.

Suzuki structured the Shenmue 3 methodically around Kickstarter stretch goals, making sure the game would fit together and be able to grow based on how much money was raised, according to the post.

"The different elements of the game would form a scaffold, building up from each new system and mechanic that would enhance the game as a whole," according to the post.

Yesterday's update, and the below graphic, is really only meant to set the stage for today's Twitch session which kicks off at 7:00PM PT (Saturday, June 27 2:00AM GMT).

As of this writing, the game has pulled in about $3.6 million.


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