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Raiders of the Lost Ark is a classic, learn how it was made with one page

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Raiders of the Lost Ark is a wonderful movie in almost all regards, but have you ever sat down to really explore the craft that went into its creation?

Editor Vashi Nedomansky has created a "one page film school" for Raiders, and it goes into detail about everything from the trailer, to how the film was edited on through to specific camera movements in one shot.

This isn't fun behind-the-scenes anecdotes with Harrison Ford, it's an exploration of all the different people who came together to make the film, and it shares some of their stories and the results. You'll hear about the film's score, and how the editor cheated in the opening moments. You'll learn about the longest single shot in the film and how that wonderful introduction was created.

You'll gain a new appreciation of how good everything in the film looks and feels because you'll learn a little bit about how planned that look and feel was, or how much of it was accidental. You can read the script and see the notes made on that script. It's all there, on one page.

If you're a budding filmmaker or just interested in how it all happens, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. It's not exhaustive, but it at least touches on damned near everything in a way that makes sense and is easy for even a layperson to follow.


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