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It's not too soon to look back on the PS3's tumultuous history

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Sony's early missteps with the PlayStation 3 are well known, and while this video from Did You Know Gaming rehashes a lot of them, it does offer some details one either didn't know, or may have forgotten. Such as Okami's HD port being rendered in 4K resolution and down-sampled to 1080p. Also, I didn't know Blu-Ray's original format looked like a Zip disc.

Yes, the PS3's original retail price was a failure of hubris; Gabe Newell trashed the console on behalf of developers, and there were absolutely ridiculous marketing/design choices, like creepy baby dolls in TV ads and the stupid Spider-Man typeface (abandoned, thankfully, by 2011). PlayStation 3 had a rough and widely mocked beginning, enough that former Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton felt like the PlayStation 4's launch was a redemption, the culmination of hard lessons learned.

So kick back and reflect on the lifespan of a console that had a very tough act to follow — the PS2, the greatest selling console of all time — and how it still managed to right the ship. Yes, Kevin Butler shows up. Man, I miss that guy.