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Battlezone's beloved 1998 PC reboot is getting a remaster

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Rebellion, developer of the Sniper Elite series and its Nazi Zombie Army spinoffs, is working on a remastered version of 1998's Battlezone, Activision's critically acclaimed real-time strategy/first-person shooter hybrid released for PC, the studio announced today.

The Battlezone remaster is still in its "early days," Rebellion said in a post on its official Tumblr.

That's not the only Battlezone title Rebellion has in development; the Oxford, U.K.-based developer is also working on a virtual reality Battlezone game that's more closely based on the 1980 arcade original. That game, simply titled Battlezone, is being developed for PC and PlayStation 4's Project Morpheus.

You can watch the debut trailer for Battlezone's VR re-imagining below.

Rebellion acquired the Battlezone property from Atari in 2013, when the company auctioned off its assets and brands as part of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.