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Get to know Heroes of the Storm's newest champion, The Butcher

The Butcher, the fresh meat-loving demon from Blizzard's Diablo series, is coming to Heroes of the Storm this week. After Johanna, he's the second Diablo hero coming to the MOBA as part of Heroes of the Storm's Eternal Conflict promotion, which will bring in additional characters and battlegrounds from the franchise over the next few months.

In a new video highlighting the Butcher, Blizzard community manager Kevin "Cloaken" Johnson walks players through the newly playable character's skills and abilities. You'll learn more about the demon's ability to slow and trap his opponents, brand his enemies to inflict additional damage and why soaking up the blood of fallen foes is so important to the Butcher.

We played with the Butcher on Heroes of the Storm's newest battleground, the Battlefield of Eternity, at Blizzard recently, so check out our impressions.

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