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Ten perfect moments from 24 seconds of Disney XD's Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything

Ever since we first heard about Disney XD's Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything, which follows a pro-gamer sidelined by a thumb injury, we've been basically unable to think about anything else. We've finally got a clip from the show (see above) and we would like to humbly present ten wonderful highlights in case you can't spare the 24 seconds to watch the whole thing.


Highlight #1: The sound effects

You'd think at some point, every form of visual media other than games would delete their "videogamesfx.wav" file from 1986 and replace it with one from the past ... decade? But no.


Highlight #2: "Pit crew!"

You know, like arm pits? Listen, OK, listen. It's not a great joke. But it's the only actual joke in the clip so lets just lean into it, OK? Also, the pit crew guy on the right is WORKING it.


Highlight #3: This kid's face

Easy on the Bawls there, bucko.


Highlight #4: No, no, THIS kid's face

Listen, forget that last kid's face, he's yesterday's news. Chopped liver. Now, check THIS face out. Get your Emmy speech together, kid, cause you're going places.


Highlight #5: The kid who is bad at headphones

So close!


Highlight #6: The expression "Going rapid fire!"

We're not going to goof on this guy because he's between the ages of 18-34 and as such is (statistically speaking) almost certainly a YouTube sensation we're not cool enough to know about.


Hightlight #7: Uh oh, look who's back

Unsatisfied with his own world-record breaking face, the kid comes back to change the expression GAME.


Highlight #8: The production values of the World Gaming Championship

20,000 screaming fans in attendance and the place looks like a Topeka Holiday Inn conference room getting ready to host the semi-annual sales retreat for franchise owners in Little Caeser's midwestern divison.


Highlight #9: The thumb

Did you know that star Cameron Boyce was forced to break his own thumb with a ball peen hammer on set to prove his loyalty to the Disney XD family of teen-friendly brands? It's true (we bet).


Highlight #10: You know what? Let's just watch that kid's whole thing

Because he can't be confined to a still image.

Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything launches this summer, we wait in silent prayer that it's just 22-minutes of Face Kid doing what he was born to do.

(Which is make faces.)

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