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Fallout 4 confirmed, game coming to PS4, Windows PC, Xbox One

The official Fallout 4 website went live for some a bit early today, revealing that the game will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Update: The trailer is now live, and you may watch it here. And you can read our thoughts on the trailer and official site info here.

In the website's main image, seen above, we see a dog sitting and staring up at some power armor in a garage, a Nuka Cola machine and a Vault Boy bobble head.

The site also included a link for a video, which isn't live yet, before the details were removed. The teaser site for the game is still showing a countdown timer to 10 a.m. ET, which we suspect will be when we get our look at the hidden video and, hopefully, many more details.

A reader also found the full thumbnail for the impending YouTube video and tweeted it out. The image appears to show a first-person perspective of the world of Fallout with a dog leading the way.

fallout 4

We also found two very tiny thumbnail images pulled automatically by YouTube from the middle and end of the video. According to the video's information, the trailer will be about three minutes long. One image appears to show the same garage from outside, and the other a view of inside the garage.

fallout 4
fallout 4


The footer message on the website reads:

The act of using this Web-Site (either partially or in its entirety) is a binding, non-verbal agreement between all Vault-Dwelling Parties (either Fully Resident or Temporary), Interested Vault-Dwelling Parties, and Vault-Tec Industries stating that Vault-Tec is not liable for any damages, injuries, or mental anguish inflicted during or after the perusal of the Vault Dweller's Web-Site either in its Full Desk-Top or Condensed Pocket format. Use of this Web-Site without sufficient understanding of Science may result in death. Always consult your Vault Overseer for guidance on appropriate Web-Site usage.

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