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Remedy CEO leaving for World of Tanks developer

Matias Myllyrinne is leaving Remedy Entertainment for Wargaming, reports. Myllyrinne's departure comes after 15 years with the studio and with the launch of Quantum Break (pictured) still about a year away.

Myllyrinne indicated that the pressures of developing so-called AAA games for consoles were behind the job switch. "The leap from Alan Wake to Quantum Break is close to 3x in terms of work alone," he told "There is just a lot of ground to cover — certainly if you are building a new IP with new technology on a new platform."

He said he desired a change of pace, not only in development but in where he lives. Wargaming is based in Cyprus, Remedy in Finland.

Myllyrinne said development on Quantum Break, which already has been delayed repeatedly, would not be affected by his departure. He reiterated earlier statements that Quantum Break's delay into 2016 had more to do with marketing and timing than a problem with the game. Quantum Break is an Xbox One exclusive.

Myllyrinne had been CEO of Remedy since 2008. The studio itself is 20 years old, with Myllyrinne joining in 2000. His exact role and title at Wargaming will be announced in the coming weeks, he said.

Polygon recently got an in-depth look at a sequel to 2010's Alan Wake whose development suddenly stopped. The game has no publisher, though Remedy has not ruled out bringing it to consoles some day.

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