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Serial-style mystery game Her Story launches June 24, watch the new trailer here

Her Story, a mystery-driven game that blends FMV and adventure games, will launch for iOS, Mac and Windows PC June 24, developer Sam Barlow announced today.

In Her Story, players dig through fictional police archives for various interview clips; each interview focuses on a woman brought in for questioning in 1994 about the disappearance of her husband. Barlow, whose previous work includes Aisle and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, describes Her Story as a personal tale, and a game that asks you to listen.

"My passion is to do for games what True Detective did for the cop show and what Serial did for the true crime podcast," Barlow said in a statement. "Both those shows expanded what is expected of the crime genre whilst entertaining a broad audience. Likewise, Her Story is scratching a deeper itch than most games that explore police work ... but at the same time anyone can pick it up and play."

Her Story was Greenlit on Steam and is being backed by Indie Fund. For more on the game, watch the trailer above.

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