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Disney's Tangled is coming to television, with original cast and new music by Alan Menken

Disney is on a bit of a hot streak right now with Avengers and Marvel films doing huge at the box office, a new Star Wars film on the horizon and an animation division that just saw a huge hit with Frozen. One of the studio's next projects will be a television series based on the 2010 animated film Tangled. But this won't be a cheap production; much of the original crew is coming back for the show.

tangled show

"This new series will feature Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their roles of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (nee Eugene) from the movie and showcase new songs from Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater, who were responsible for all of those catchy tunes in the original film," Disney Insider reported.

"Clare Keane, daughter of Disney Legend Glen Keane (who at one point was the director on a very different version of the film and who later served as an animation supervisor), consulted on the film. They’re really getting the band back together. This is roughly the equivalent of snagging Robin Williams for the Aladdin television series."

The show will air in 2017, and will take place between the film and the 2012 short film Tangled Ever After. "Apparently there were a lot of adventures that Rapunzel and Eugene got into in the time in-between," Disney Insider wrote. "We don’t have any details on what the animation style will be but based on the promotional artwork, Tangled fans will be very, very happy."

Tangled may not have gotten as big as Frozen, but it was still a huge hit for Disney, making over $591 million worldwide on a budget of $260 million. This could be evidence that Disney is interested in taking television a bit more seriously when adapting its animated library.