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Monster Factory: Prepping for Fallout 4 by ruining Fallout 3

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Nobody knows how long we'll have to wait before the arrival of the recently announced Fallout 4, so we decided to pass the time with the next best thing: Fallout 3, only played like a lunatic. In this Monster Factory installment, we steer away from recreating a horrifying version of a pre-existing character to generate our own intellectual property: A wasteland psychopath named D-Bomb. She's a cruel husk of a human being, but that's what the post-apocalypse demands nowadays.

Join myself, Justin and D-Bomb as we get born, destroy our dad, morph into spaghetti and ruin a perfectly good subterranean birthday party in Fallout 3. We're crossing our fingers that these types of emergent opportunities are available to us in the sequel.

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