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New Star Wars RPG coming set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens

Star Wars Uprising, a new role-playing game from Disney, Lucasfilm and Kabam, is coming to mobile devices later this year. Set between Star Wars films Return of the Jedi and the upcoming sequel The Force Awakens, Uprising is centered on an insurrection against what remains of the Galactic Empire.

Kabam's RPG Studio has tapped some established Star Wars talent for the game, including former Star Wars: The Old Republic creative director Daniel Erickson and Star Wars: The Clone Wars director Danny Keller. Star Wars: Uprising is part of the new Star Wars canon, and is set in a relatively unexplored time period for the universe.

In Uprising, players will create their own characters — smugglers, bounty hunters, rebel guerrillas and others — and take on missions that offer real-time cooperative play against the Empire, Kabam said in its announcement. They'll be able to learn "hundreds of abilities and collect iconic Star Wars gear" to customize their characters.

The official Star Wars: Uprising website offers a peek at some new and familiar locations, like Cloud City in Bespin and the frozen planet Hoth, that will be featured in the game. The game's antagonist, seen in the pre-rendered trailer above, seems intent on maintaining the Empire's grip on a sector of the galaxy — while a group of rebels, scoundrels and assassins work to take them down.

Star Wars: Uprising will enter a closed beta period in "the coming weeks," Kabam said. A rollout for the free-to-play game is expected sometime this fall.

For now, here's a look at the game's official poster, which includes a few named characters like the thief Riley, assassin Deathstick and the big bad 'trooper known as Commander Bragh.

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