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Capcom's next Monster Hunter game has some big changes in store

When Capcom announced Monster Hunter X (or Monster Hunter Cross, if you prefer) last weekend, the trailer certainly made it look like there are some new elements to the game. Now we have more info on what's going on thanks to a Famitsu article and a popular Monster Hunter YouTuber.

In the video above, YouTube creator Adam "Gaijin Hunter" Evanko takes a look at a blowout feature on Monster Hunter X from the latest issue of Famitsu. With summarized translation provided by Evanko, the article reveals information on the game's "super skills," powerful moves added to each weapon, as well as hunting styles, a new choice that will help determine how you approach each hunt.

The video also shows off some killer designs for new monsters that are sure to keep hunters carving late into the night and some of the locations they'll be visiting. Monster Hunter X is due out in winter 2015 for the 3DS in Japan; a North American launch is yet to be confirmed.

If you'd like more from Gaijin Hunter, we recommend his Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate tutorial series. You can find a post about that right here.

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