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Dota 2 championships prize pool sets new record as it approaches $11.5M

The prize pool for the fifth International Dota 2 Championships (or simply The International) topped $11.4 million Friday morning, powered by sales of the game's virtual Compendium.

The upcoming championships, which will be held in the Key Arena at Seattle Center starting Aug. 3, kicked off with a $1.6 million purse in late April. In just days, sales of the Compendium, a virtual program which includes in-game challenges, fantasy league-style predictions and in-game cosmetic rewards, bumped the pool up to $5.5 million.

The basic Compendium sells for $9.99 and a second version sells for $27.99, with 25 percent of its proceeds going to the prize purse. The Compendium also includes stretch goals which unlock new items for owners and go up to $15 million.

It took until the end of June for last year's International prize pool to top $10 million through Compendium sales. The final prize pool last year was $10.9 million.

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