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I am Bread is coming to PlayStation 4

I am Bread, Bossa Studios' quirky toast simulator, is coming to PlayStation 4, designer Luke Williams announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

In I am Bread, players control a floppy piece of bread on a mission to become toast. The studio did not announce a release date for the game — which is currently available on PC via Steam — though it did reveal that the PS4 version will include new game content.

"You'll find we've added a whole host of game modes that see you taking control of a new type of bread, each with their own variation of the controls and completely new goals and challenges," Williams wrote. "Become a baguette as you smash your way around the various levels, trying to cause as much destruction as possible; or become a bagel, and roll your way around a series of race courses in record time.

"To top it all off, you'll find a whole host of challenging Trophies to try and earn with all your bready companions."

For more on I am Bread, watch us play it below. The game is also coming to iOS.

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