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It's not a real game, but this Lego Doctor Who video makes us wish it was

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Hey there. Do you want to watch a Let's Play of Lego Doctor Who? Oh, that game doesn't exist? That's not a problem for the guy who made this video.

This is the work of YouTuber BlobVanDam, who was imagining Lego Doctor Who well before the Doctor's appearance was confirmed in the super-ensemble cast of the forthcoming Lego DimensionsBlobVanDam got going back in November with this Lego-ized recreation of the regeneration scene from "The Time of the Doctor." The followed that up about three weeks ago with the video at top, a fully hallucinated Lego Doctor Who video game, complete with heart-meter, stud counter, and other gameplay motifs.

Here's "The Time of the Doctor."

It's important to note these are not proof-of-concept videos, betas, canceled games or whatever. It's just one animator's vision of a beloved franchise getting the video game treatment it deserves. But it's damn good, and we've seen people do it before with Breaking Bad, The Last of Us and others.

For more on Lego Dimensions, launching in September, see this in-depth preview.

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