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The Nintendo E3 2015 rumor generator: seems legit

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Not sure what's more surprising: "New Super Nintendogs U" to be announced during E3, orthat Cammie Dunaway is back with the company. Both tips are bogus, of course, but combined they make for endless hilarity in this Nintendo E3 rumor generator someone cooked up recently.

This handy-dandy web-app (complete with authentic DO NOT DISTRIBUTE watermark) is perfect for spamming your favorite games site with phony tips in the run-up to E3. As a veteran of seven E3s, I can tell you this is the time when people wallpaper the inbox with this stuff like it's a job. So have at it! I mean, not one, but two third-party reels? SEEMS LEGIT.

Fun fact: The above image is bullshit.

Polygon has reached out* to a representative of Nintendo of America to ask if "Paper Mario Bros. Online" is indeed coming to 3DS. We'll update with any comment we receive. Meantime, head over to' Nintendo E3 rumor generator, and if you don't like the ones it gives you, check out what Destructoid and Kotaku are reporting.

* - no we have not

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