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Notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll returns with epic F-bomb rant fueled by failing Kickstarter

"I make movies and focus on the movies and that is how I operate."

That may be one of the only sentences in Uwe Boll's nearly 5-minute-long anti-Hollywood YouTube rant that isn't packed with expletives and insults.

Boll, a notoriously bad filmmaker who once thrived in the self-created niche of turning good games into epically terrible movies, seems to have lost his mind watching his latest Kickstarter fail.

The Kickstarter is asking for a mere $55,794 to make Rampage 3, a film about someone killing a bunch of people, but can't seem to muster that pittance. With three days left, all Boll has managed to raise is $25,394.

The video is absolutely worth a watch to catch a glimpse of just how passionate Boll is about his films and how much he hates the people he works with.

Years ago, I interviewed Boll for a feature about his bad movies and the hateful fans that seemed to follow him everywhere. Despite the rant seen above, Boll can be a genuinely charismatic person, an attribute that surely helped him survive as long as he did.

I even felt its impact in my 2006 interview, writing at the time:

An hour on the phone with Boll can leave you thinking that perhaps you were wrong after all, perhaps his movies — even those that cast Tara Reid as an archaeologist or tell the story of zombies hanging out at a rave — aren't that bad, just misunderstood.

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