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XCOM 2 vows all-out support of modding

XCOM 2 is promising to go "all out with modding," the game's creative director told IGN, meaning players will get the tools and the editor Firaxis developers themselves use to create whatever they wish with it.

Jake Solomon told IGN that these modding tools will arrive either with the game's launch in November, or shortly after it.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within did not have formal mod support, though that didn't stop some dedicated fans from taking a worth shot at it (The Long War, notably.) Garth DeAngelis, XCOM 2's lead producer, acknowledged that the lack of modding on the first XCOM was a missed opportunity, and said XCOM 2 modding is a gesture of thanks and respect to a loyal community.

IGN has more on what modding may entail when the game launches in November, first on Windows PC and then at a later date for Mac and Linux. It will not be coming to consoles.

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