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A Witcher 3 guide to Gwent

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn't just a spectacular role-playing game with a rich backdrop, story and characters, it's also the setting for a really fun card game.

In the taverns of Witcher 3 you can often find a patron to challenge to a game of Gwent, a collectible card game that puts you in the role of a general battling an enemy army. The game has its own particular set of rules, but think of it as Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, or whatever your favorite flavor of collectible card game might be.

The game's cards can be found as you travel the world of Witcher 3, by buying them at shops or winning them in Gwent matches.

This video, put together by the folks at developer CD Projekt Red, walks you through the basics of the game and some advanced tactics. It's a great video to watch if you've never played Gwent or if you're looking to pick up some new techniques.

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