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You Must Build a Boat will turn you into a Match-3 RPG junkie

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You Must Build a Boat is the sequel to EightyEight Games' tile-sliding puzzle title 10000000, and boy howdy, is it covering familiar territory. You're the owner of a humble seafaring vessel who must — you guessed it — improve the structural integrity of that vessel by diving into dungeons and securing the valuable resources within. Each run is super digestible and genuinely rewarding, making it the perfect game to play on your phone when you're waiting in line at the movie theater, or when you're at work and supposed to be working.

You can watch Nick and I play through a bit of You Must Build a Boat above, and pick it up yourself on iOS, Android or Steam. Just be forewarned: The title is not a suggestion. If you play this game, you're building a boat. You have no say in the matter: It's boat time.