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Jonathan Blow, Kellee Santiago and more back Armello as part of Indie Fund

Indie Fund is throwing its weight behind fantasy-driven digital boardgame Armello and will fund the project, organizers announced today.

Armello, which developer League of Geeks describes as a "Game of Thrones-esque struggle for power," is a procedurally generated, turn-based strategy game starring anthropomorphic animals. Paul Kilduff-Taylor of Mode7 Games, who recently joined Indie Fund, spoke about the group's decision to back the game.

"Armello is both extremely pleasing to the eye and crammed full of creamy gameplay goodness; it somehow manages to feel simultaneously familiar and innovative," Kilduff-Taylor said. "This is the kind of game that makes people willingly sink a huge amount of time and I'm excited to contribute to it as our first investment via Indie Fund."

Indie Fund is an organization that includes developers such as Jonathan Blow (Braid, The Witness), Kellee Santiago (Flower, Journey) Nathan Vella (Super Time Force, Below). It aims to help fellow devs publish their own games and stay financially independent. In the past, Indie Fund has backed games such as The Swapper, Mushroom 11, Loveshack and Framed.

Indie Fund recently added new investors and restructured how funds are organized; under the new model, investors can vary the amount they choose to put into each game. Armello, which launches in full this September, is one of the first to be funded this way.

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